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Dental Plans for Seniors

Many seniors in the U.S. live off of a definitive wage provided by a past employer or from social security. While the retiree is indeed getting paid, the expense of living continues to rise which can make extra expenses, such as the cost of dental work, problematic.

Because of this, more seniors have abstained from visiting the dentist in order to save money. Fortunately, a solution can be found in dental plans for seniors.

Dental Plans for Seniors

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The Cost of Senior Dental Work with No Dental Coverage

Without any type of dental coverage, the challenge of paying for oral care becomes even greater with the high costs. This hurts seniors’ health, and hurts their wallet as well. In cases like dental emergencies, senior citizens are left to pay the full cost for any procedure.

To cope with the cost of senior dental care with no coverage, many are using alternative dental plans for seniors– like Medicare or a discount dental plan – to help them afford dental care.

Affordable Dental Plans for Seniors

One option to help with the cost of dental work, and is often a perfect fit for senior care, is discount dental plans.

What Are the Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Plans

Frequently Asked
Questions About
Dental Plans for Seniors

What Are Discount Dental Plans?

1Dental's senior dental plans come at an affordable price and become active as soon as the plan is purchased – without any limits on dental plan use or the amount of savings available.

How Do They Work?

1Dental offers 3 different dental plans for seniors that fit specific dental needs. Members of the discount dental plans receive access to in-network dentists who have agreed to charge specific rates for dental procedures.

How Much Money Is Saved with a Discount Dental Plan?

The amount seniors save will differ depending on the procedure needed, but they will save anywhere from 15-60% on each procedure. With 1Dental’s dental plans for seniors, the majority of dental bills will be cut in half.

Regular Dental Prices
(without dental plans)
Careington 500 Plan Prices
Oral Exam $70 - $80 Oral Exam $15
Full Mouth X-Ray $60 - $200 Full Mouth X-Ray $43
Cleaning $60 - $110 Cleaning $31
Filling $85 - $200 Filling $43
Porcelain Crown $900 - $1000 Porcelain Crown $483
Root Canal $500 - $1000 Root Canal $294
Dentures $500 - $2000 Dentures $643
Simple Extraction $75 - $200 Simple Extraction $55

Example treatment costs are for the state of Texas. See the full fee schedule to enter your zip code and get exact savings.

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