How Do 1Dental Plans Work?

This is not dental insurance — it’s what dental insurance should be

1Dental plans are membership programs with exclusive savings. Dentists have agreed to lower rates for members, so you pay a small fee to join and save big at every dental visit.

How 1Dental plans work to save you money:


1. Choose A Dental Plan That’s Right For You

Each plan is a little different. Some have more dentists while others give you more savings on dental work. Compare dental plans and get one that fits your needs. Or for the best savings, get both with our Preferred plan.


2. Gain Access to In-Network Dentists

Save on every visit with a dentist in our plan's nationwide network. These providers have agreed to maintain the same quality care for the discounted rates listed in the fee schedules.


3. Save Money with Fixed Prices

No matter what your dentist would normally charge for a procedure, with our plans, you pay the dollar amount listed in the fee schedule.

Everyone Wins!

  • Dentists see more patients and keep their dental practice running.
  • You save money and take care of your teeth.
  • No one has to deal with paperwork or postpone needed care.

See why others picked 1Dental:

1Dental isn't just a supplement or emergency plan. It's a practical, long-term dental plan option.

See why others picked 1Dental:

1Dental isn’t just a supplement or just for that one-time emergency. It’s an excellent, economical long-term dental plan.

"Oh my goodness!!! Where in the world do I start???? I needed to have a tooth pulled and a bridge made and if it hadn't been for this program, I would not have enjoyed the savings of 1,900."

Jeanne M, IA

If I didn’t have this plan I would have been spending over $1,500 on dental bills, but I only paid $356."

Hoa N, VA

"I'm 67 and retired with no dental insurance. 1Dental just saved me $795 towards a root canal and a crown. I'm a widow on a fixed income and the monthly payments allows me to be able to afford it. Well worth the money!!!"


"I had a tooth extracted. This savings plan saved me over $200 for this procedure!"

Cynthia S, NJ

"From the moment I called and spoke with a very friendly and helpful person, it has been a very positive experience. It actually saved me over $1000 on my first use- and it is really active as soon as you sign up! I had emergency work that had to be done and I didn't have to wait even a day. I'd highly recommend!"


"My original treatment plan was $19,000. With this plan I only paid 7600 for my dentist. I'm so happy now I can have a beautiful smile.if I didn't get this plan I wouldn't be able to get my work done. So I thank you so much" -

Providence, FL

"Had my crown replaced and save around $700 using the dentist of my choice with great service, savings, and tooth health that improves my physical health. Win, Win!!!"

Marcy, TX

"My wife and I can't believe how great is to help lower dental expenses. It is so easy to use. Your first cleaning will pay for itself. Great product! Wished we had found out about it sooner! You won't regret investing in this product."

Curtis, NY

"I had to have major dental work. Twenty extractions and full denture with a partial on the bottom. My dental plan saved me 50 percent off my total bill. Best investment I've ever made. No waiting period at all. Would recommend to anyone who likes to save THOUSANDS at the dentist!"

Christina, KY

"Active immediately. Went to dentist a few days later and this program saved me $1000 dollars. I have been telling my friends and family about this."


Common 1Dental Plan Features:


Plans take effect right away with no waiting period

No Red Tape

There are no claim forms, deductibles, or age limits


No maximums or procedure exclusions


Include anyone in your household - parents, grown children, etc

Extra Perks

Vision discount plan included for free


with HSAs, FSAs and HRAs

All plans include immediate access to:

  • Preventative Procedures, Including Exams, X-rays and Cleanings
  • Cosmetics save hundreds to thousands of dollars on cosmetic work like implants, whitening, veneers, and bonding
  • Orthodontics & Braces Savings include braces for both children and adults — no age restrictions!
  • Dentures available at deep savings
  • Specialists immediately save 20% no matter how much work needed, and even more with the Dental Access plan, powered by the Aetna Dental Access Network

100% satisfaction guarantee

Common Pricing Features:

  • Plans are Affordable with our everyday low price, starting at $99 a year
  • Our plans are typically half the cost of traditional dental insurance
  • Priced better than competitor's sale prices
  • Stability only one rate increase in the last 10 years

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