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Temporary Member ID Card:

New members of the Careington 500 plan receive a Temporary ID immediately after signup. You do not need a card to see the dentist. The dentist office will call Careington to confirm membership. If you don't have a card or misplaced yours, please contact us to request a new one.

Lost Your Membership Card?

Setting Appointments:

Always identify yourself as a Careington member when setting up appointments. There are certain times of the year when getting in to see the dentist can be quite hard. Usually it is around the holidays and summer. Dentists have an increase in patients because parents make appointments for their children and dentists take vacations during this time like everyone else.

Orthodontists and other Specialists:

Careington 500 plan members receive a 20% discount when seeing an orthodontist or other specialist. This 20% is significant when you take in account the extent of the services provided. Please note that all dentists' normal fees are always available to the public.

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