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Aug 26 / Katie Gayle

How to Prepare Your Teeth for Job Interviews

How to Prepare for Job Interviews

Photo by Flazingo Photos / CC-BY-SA

You’ve practiced answering questions in the mirror fifty times. You just got your suit back from the dry cleaners. You leave your house 10 minutes early to be punctual. You take a deep breath before going into the building. You are ready for this.

You just forgot one small detail: Your teeth.

Job interviews are incredibly important for any career. The interviewer is weighing every answer and sorting whether or not you will be fit for the job in question. And while you may ace the test, there’s more to an interview than simply asking questions. Let’s take a look at why your appearance – most importantly, your smile – has become such an important aspect of job interviews.

Aug 19 / Katie Gayle

How to Improve Dental Health in the Workplace

Improve Dental Health in the Workplace

Dental health is often overlooked. One reason it gets neglected is the busyness of life. People have lives filled with early morning meetings, appointments, playdates, soccer games and meals that need cooking. In the midst of the chaos, it’s hard to keep up with such a small thing as dental health.

While it may seem small, in reality, dental health affects your overall health much more than you may realize. Untreated dental problems – or simply ignored dental habits – can lead to serious health issues of various kinds.

For that reason, it’s crucially important to take care of dental health – even when it feels like you don’t have time. A great way to maintain good oral hygiene is to keep up dental habits in the workplace.

Aug 12 / Katie Gayle

No Pain, Laser Fillings for Cavities

Laser Fillings for Cavities

Photo by East Midtown / CC-BY-SA

Lasers have become more and more popular in the dental world. The efficiency of the new technology has been used to treat conditions such as tooth decay, teeth whitening, gum disease and recession and biopsy.

More recently, however, dentists have turned to laser technology to use on fillings, rather than using the traditional drill.

Aug 5 / Katie Gayle

FDA Proposal to End Mercury Fillings Denied

FDA Proposal to End Mercury Fillings

Photo by Eric Schmuttenmaer / CC-BY-SA

United States health officials have refused a proposal by the FDA to stop the use of mercury fillings to treat cavities. Below is an overview of this proposal and debate about mercury safety.

Jul 29 / Katie Gayle

How Much Will Retirement Cost You?

How Much Will Retirement Cost?

Photo by Ken Teegardin / CC-BY-SA

Aw, retirement. For some, the vacation lifestyle of road-tripping, recreation and relaxing isn’t a reality they can look forward to. One big obstacle stands in their way of achieving a good retirement: money.

Isn’t that what retirement savings are for? Yes, most people set aside some money for the future, but they forget to account for unexpected costs that may come up in retirement.

Jul 22 / Katie Gayle

Summer Activities for Seniors

For some seniors, the summer months are not the exciting and adventurous times they once were. Instead of going on a road trip to camp or finding new local restaurants to eat at, some seniors like to stay inside their homes to keep cool and relax from the summer heat.

While relaxing is great for a little while, it’s easy to go stir-crazy after a prolonged amount of time. If you’re itching for something to do to get outside of the house, take a look at this list of summer activities for seniors.

Jul 15 / Katie Gayle

How Dentists and Caregivers Can Help Dementia Patients Clean Their Teeth

How Dentists and Caregivers Can Help Dementia Patients Dental Health

Photo by jbstafford / CC-BY-NC-ND

Dementia is a disease commonly found in people over the age of 65, which causes cognitive impairment of communication skills and the ability to understand or remember things. Seniors who suffer from dementia are at a higher risk of dental disease, which can lead to financial struggles and life-threatening health issues when left untreated.

Because of this, it is important for people with dementia to receive dental care regularly. This becomes a challenge, however, if they do not understand or are unaware of the importance of oral care.

Jul 8 / Sarah Mace

Summer Vacationing Tips for Seniors

Vacationing Tips for Seniors

Photo by Justin Vidamo / CC-BY

If you are one of the many senior adventurers that are choosing to travel domestically and abroad this summer, these travel tips are for you! The key to a fun and successful trip is planning ahead. Keep these vacationing tips for seniors in mind as you plan your next adventure!

Jul 1 / Katie Gayle

Alternative Uses for Mouthwash

Alternative Uses for Mouthwash

Photo by Vox Efx / CC-BY

Do you have a bottle of mouthwash that sits on your bathroom counter only to be used once in a blue moon? We often forget or don’t think about using mouthwash as a part of our daily routine – but mouthwash has proven to come in handy for more than just bad breath. Take a look at these refreshing and money-saving alternative uses for mouthwash.

Jun 24 / Sarah Mace

5 Embarrassing Oral Health Issues that Aren’t that Embarrassing

Embarrassing Oral Health Problems that Arent that Embarrassing
© Zurijeta |

Have you ever noticed bad breath in the morning or woken up with a cold sore? Have you noticed either of these issues in your child? Most of us have! These oral health issues tend to be really embarrassing, but they are very common. All of us have dealt with them at one time or another.

Don’t be embarrassed if you or your child experiences one of these 5 embarrassing oral health issues listed below. As you read, you’ll see how easy they are to treat and be one step closer to solving the oral health problems you may be dealing with!

Jun 17 / Natasha Gayle

How to Keep Kids Teeth Healthy During Summer Vacation

Healthy Snacks for Summer Vacation

Photo by Jessica Lucia / CC-NC-ND

It’s summer, and you know what that means—summer vacations. Whether those vacations are with the family or your kids going off to camp, summer is a time many of us get a short break from our regular routine.

When any of us are able to vacate our regular routines for a week or two, we tend to vacate many aspects of it—work, exercise, healthy eating and, yes, even brushing and flossing our teeth twice a day.

While traveling this summer, don’t let your kids’ dental health be forgotten. Here are some quick tips for maintaining you and your child’s dental health this summer.

Jun 10 / Sarah Mace

What to Watch for in the Summer Months to Protect Kids Teeth

Protect Kids Teeth in the Summer

Photo by Miroslav Vajdic / CC-BY-SA

When we think of summer, we think of relaxing, getting out of our normal schedules, trying new things and snacking by the pool. These are some of the reasons why we all love summer so much! But these are also the reasons why summer can be hard on our oral health – especially for our kids.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) views summertime as a difficult time for kids’ oral health. With this news, what can parents do to protect their kids’ teeth?

Here are some tips on how to protect kids teeth and still make summer fun!

Jun 3 / Katie Gayle

Teaching Kids about Dental in Schools

Teaching Kids About Dental in Schools

Photo by U.S. Department of Agriculture / CC-BY

When you were little, did you hate answering the question, “Have you been brushing your teeth?” If so, the likelihood is that you weren’t very good at keeping up good oral hygiene habits. Maybe you answered the question with an excuse like, “I keep forgetting!”

The same is true today of elementary-aged children in our school systems. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has stated that over 50% of children will most likely have tooth decay before age five. Because of this, it is crucial that young students learn the importance of taking care of their teeth.

May 27 / Meredith Jolly

Top Reasons Why People Hate Going to the Dentist

Why Do People Hate Going to the Dentist

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We have all probably experienced at some point in our lives apprehension when it comes to going to the dentist. For some people, it seems better to live with tooth pain than face their fear of dentists. Now not everyone would say they feel that strongly, but certainly many people simply hate going to the dentist. Why? Here is a list of the top reasons why people hate going to the dentist.

May 20 / Meredith Jolly

Why Is Being a Dentist among the Best Jobs of 2015

Why Being a Dentist is One of the Best Jobs of 2015

Photo by Mikael Wiman / CC-BY-NC-ND

Being a dentist was voted one of the best jobs in 2015 by the US News and World Report. Dentistry does require a lot of time and education, but apparently the benefits are worth it. Let’s take a look at why dentists are considered to have one of the best careers of 2015.