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Dec 18 / Katie Gayle

How Saving a Pet Can Lift Your Spirit this Holiday

 Photo  by Chris Brooks /  CC BY-ND

Photo by Chris Brooks / CC BY-ND

Christmastime has the potential to be a great source of joy for some, and a great source of loneliness for others. If you have children who are grown or if you live far away from loved ones, it becomes hard to say good-bye when the week and a half of holiday vacation is over.

Studies have found that having a pet can actually encourage and help seniors with their health – providing a friend and a comfort. This year, think about adopting a pet for Christmas. While you save its life, it might just be saving yours.

Check out the infographic below to find out exactly how a pet can improve your health:

Dec 16 / Natasha Gayle

Top 10 Dentists on Social Media – 2014 Edition

Top 10 Dentists on Social Media Header Photo

Each passing year, we continue to see how social media affects how we interact with one another, how businesses reach customers, how consumers buy and sell their own products and even how dentists communicate and grow their relationship with patients.

It is an important aspect of business and dental practices – to get to know customers and let them get to know you. And while over the past few years we have primarily focused on dentists’ engagement and activity on Facebook and Twitter to compile our top 10 dentists on social media list, there are a few more networks on the scene now, the most significant of which is Google+.

So here is our list for 2014 of the top 10 dentists on social media, who have shown active engagement and activity on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Dec 11 / Katie Gayle

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Winter Safety Tips For Seniors Leaving The House

Photo by Joe Wessels / CC BY-ND

Have you ever left the house unprepared? Maybe you forgot something at home, or got on the bus only to realize that you should have brought a book. We all slip up at times – and with the winter season coming, we want to be sure that everyone is fully prepared to prevent any actual slippage.

When you go out and brave the cold weather, you always want to leave the house ready for a variety of situations – especially if you go alone. Here, we have an infographic about winter safety tips for seniors:

Dec 9 / Katie Gayle

Thoughtful Gifts When You Can’t Leave the House

Thoughtful Gifts

Photo by How I See Life / CC BY-ND

            Gift-giving is not always easy. It is especially a challenge when you are battling health problems or vision failure, or when you worry about driving on the slick and possibly icy roads. Here, we have a list of simple, yet thoughtful present ideas for when you can’t leave the house:

  • Food – a simple, delightful treat for Christmas that can bring a sparkle to anyone’s eyes.
    • Cookies – what better gift than a tin of yumminess?
    • Tea kit – a mug with several different tea bags in it.
    • Soup in a jar – all of the ingredients, uncooked, in a jar. They just have to cook it!
    • Homemade cookie mix in a jar – all of the dry ingredients needed to make cookies that are measured and ready.
    • Hot cocoa mix – you can add some marshmallows and fun mugs to this.
    • Homemade Candy – always a big hit!

Dec 4 / Katie Gayle

How to Stop Gum Disease from Hurting Your Health


Stop Gum Disease from Hurting Your Health

Photo by Andrew E. Larsen / CC BY-ND

The mouth is a dangerous place. And not for food or anything like that – I mean it’s a dangerous place for YOU. Why? Because the lack of oral care and good dental hygiene can cause serious problems to your overall health, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney cancer, diabetes and even premature death.

Dec 2 / Natasha Gayle

Top 10 Dental Books for Kids

Top 10 Dental Books For Kids

So you want your kids to brush their teeth? Convincing them to do so can be tough, but with some help from their favorite movies and these great books, you may be able to do just that. And what great Christmas gifts these would make!

Here are our picks for the top 10 dental books for kids:

1. Brush Your Teeth, Please: A Pop-Up Book

By Leslie McGuire

Published: December 3, 2013 (Hardcover)

Summary: Kids will learn about proper dental hygiene as they go through this book and see the many different animals practicing it – from brushing their teeth to flossing.

Top 10 Dental Books For Kids: Brush Your Teeth, Please












Top 10 Dental Books For Kids: Leslie McGuire Quote













Nov 25 / Katie Gayle

Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner without Your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

Photo by Andy Li / CC BY

Some of the best YouTube videos have come from someone being filmed right after he wakes up from having his wisdom teeth removed. That being said, removing your wisdom teeth can be stressful – from trying to schedule the procedure to having Grandad tease you about losing your wisdom. As it turns out, it is not uncommon for people to schedule surgery during holidays like Thanksgiving. It allows for a few extra days of rest and recovery without having to take off work.

For all of you who are in this situation this year, or have family members who are, here’s what you need to know about having your wisdom teeth removed, and during the Thanksgiving holiday, no less.

Nov 20 / Natasha Gayle

Top 5 Pediatric Dentists on Social Media for 2014

Top 5 Pediatric Dentists On Social Media

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while now, you may have seen our annual post on Top 10 Dentists in Social Media. While you can anticipate a 2014-edition on the horizon, we thought it might be fun for the parents out there to see the top 5 pediatric dentists on social media.

The results were compiled based on quality and friendliness of each dentist’s website and engagement and personalization of their pages on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. Here are our Top 5 Pediatric Dentists on Social Media for 2014:

Nov 18 / Katie Gayle

23 Healthy Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Meal

Healthy Recipes For Your Thanksgiving Meal

Photo by GeneralMills / CC BY-NC-ND

Let’s be honest: eating healthy is hard.  It takes more time, preparation and it doesn’t always taste good. (In an ideal world, donuts would be healthy, right?) Thanksgiving is a much anticipated holiday for us Americans for many reasons – a giant meal, family and friends, football!

To ensure the holidays are still fun, and a little healthier, we have a list of some healthy AND delicious recipes for you to try this year!

Main Dish

Lemon-Garlic Rub For Turkey











Healthy Turkey:


Nov 13 / Katie Gayle

Holiday Survival Guide

You wake up; a crisp chill is in the air. You barely have a moment to breathe before the kids are up and needing breakfast. The house is a mess, so you do your best to make it look presentable to your parents, who are arriving in an hour. You forgot to leave the turkey out to thaw last night, and you still have to go to the store to pick up the last ingredients for the stuffing. After running around the store for much longer than expected, you head home with your hungry and grumbly youngsters in the backseat. The day has been crazier than ever, and it’s not even halfway over yet…the holidays might just have you beat.

Sound familiar? While we all love the holidays, the craziness leading up to the family and food-filled fun is…well, crazy. It’s easy to become so focused on the tasks at hand and ignore our personal health. We’ve got a holiday survival guide of tips and tricks to remember as you conquer the craziness one step at a time.

Nov 11 / Katie Gayle

Understanding the Connection between Exercise and Dental Health

Running - Exercise And Dental Health

Photo by Nathan Rupert / CC BY-NC-ND

When someone says the word exercise, your reaction may go one of two ways. You could either focus on the benefits of exercising, or you might strike a face that closely resembles Grumpy Cat.

The topic is about as controversial as it gets—either you love it or you hate it. But the truth is that exercise has both upsides and downsides. We’ll go through a few of both here:

Nov 6 / Katie Gayle

How Sick Days Impact the Workplace

Sick Days Infographic Preview

Nobody likes being sick. Especially when there are places to go, people to see and things to do. The common cold and the flu are things that nobody wants and a lot of us get. Once you’ve caught it, the best you can do is shake your fist in the air crying, “Why me?” (That, and take medicine.)

We tend to forget the impact sick days have—at home, and in the workplace. When we’re sick at home, chores often get left undone for the sake of rest, which is definitely needed! And when it comes to work, there’s an inner struggle between staying home to get rest and trying to push through the workday, with the risk of contaminating others but being able to get your work done and not take any sick days. You need that rest though, and that distance from your coworkers. This infographic shares what influence the flu season had last year in the workplace.

Nov 4 / Katie Gayle

How to Stay Healthy in the Winter

How To Stay Healthy In The Winter

Photo by Lilit Matevosyan / CC BY-ND

Winter is coming…along with the flu. It’s our old friend who leaves us sniffing, sneezing and staying in bed. Sounds fun, right? (Wrong.) Unfortunately, the flu and the common cold are not unfamiliar to many of us this time of year. While the sickness reaches a climax in January and February, it can start as early as October and linger as late as May.

Here is a list of things to remember, and things to avoid, to stay healthy in the winter.

Oct 30 / Natasha Gayle

A 1Dental Halloween 2014

1Dental Halloween 2014

If you haven’t yet realized, our company likes to have fun, while also being productive and efficient in our work. And what better way is there to have fun than celebrating Halloween!

Last year, you may remember we shared with you the many costumes that could be seen around 1Dental on Halloween. You may have also seen the many creative pumpkin carvings our teams came up with last year at this time. We took to social media (specifically Pinterest) with our creations and you all responded admirably.

Here were our top costumes and top pumpkins from last year based solely on your feedback:

Oct 23 / Natasha Gayle

Fun, Healthy Halloween Ideas for Your Kids

We all want our kids to have fun on Halloween. Didn’t we, growing up? Trick-or-treating, going to costume parties, toilet-papering the neighbor’s house (Oops…did I just admit to that? You might want to discourage this last one!). However, we also want them to be safe and healthy. Too much candy can rot our kids’ teeth and negatively affect their health. How many fillings or other dental work have you had since being a kid to know that this is true? Not taking proper precautions when sending kids out trick-or-treating can also be unwise when it comes to their safety.

Here, we’ll talk about some fun, healthy Halloween ideas to help keep your kids safe and healthy, while allowing them to have a lot of good, holiday fun!