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Jan 27 / Katie Gayle

What to Remember for Seniors Dental Care this Year


Seniors Dental Care

As you get older, everything seems to get busier. By the time you have kids, life is a whirlwind of ongoing responsibilities – and it doesn’t stop when you have grandkids. Everyone has “dental health” somewhere on their To-Do list. More often than not, however, it falls lower on the priority list. So as you finish getting everything settled and organized for the rest of 2015, keep in mind these things for your dental health:

Jan 22 / Katie Gayle

What to Remember for Your Dental Care this Year

Dental Care

On Tuesday we talked about what you should remember for your family’s dental care. Now, we’ll dive into what you should remember for your own dental care.

The last thing most people want to think about is dental health. The hygiene, appointments and bills can, at times, seem like a hassle. Nonetheless, it is important. Luckily, we’ve made thinking about it easy with a list of reminders as we move into the New Year.

Jan 20 / Katie Gayle

What to Remember for Your Family’s Dental Care This Year

Preparing For Your Family's Dental Care

Photo by Vivian Chen / CC BY-ND

As a parent, there are about a billion things to do and think about in a day. Your kid’s dental health is just another thing on the list. It’s hard to be intentional and keep track of the habits that are being formed. More often than not, we let it slip off the radar until the dentist comes out saying, “They have a cavity.” Another appointment and a few hundred dollars later, the problem is fixed…just with more trouble than you anticipated.

To prevent this from happening, here is a list of things to remember for your family’s dental care this year:

Jan 15 / Katie Gayle

Start Your Year with a Discount Dental Plan

Dental Work Using A Discount Dental Plan

Most people would agree: spending money on necessities isn’t always fun. Yes, money can provide us with great things and be very beneficial, but we’d much rather spend it on things we want than things we need—although we are grateful to even have the money to spend on the things we need, wouldn’t you say? It isn’t unreasonable that we have to buy food, clothes and other necessities (depending on where you shop), but why pay for things like dental health that can cost hundreds of dollars for just one appointment? To many, it doesn’t seem worth it.

What they are missing are the alternatives: it isn’t a coin toss – to pay or not to pay. (But we all know Shakespeare was a little dramatic.) There is actually a third option – a discount dental plan. To pay – just not an arm and a leg.

Jan 13 / Natasha Gayle

1Dental Scholarship Winner

 Photo  by NAIT Dental Assisting /  CC BY-ND

Photo by NAIT Dental Assisting / CC BY-ND

Last year, we promoted our 1Dental Scholarship to different universities and colleges in the hopes of helping one aspiring dental student put some money toward their college tuition. We believe investing in the future of dentistry is greatly beneficial.

We asked all applicants to not only tell us a bit about themselves and their credentials but to also answer one question for us in at least 500 words: What recent or upcoming technology do you think will reshape – or is already reshaping – the field of dentistry? 

We had several great entries, but, ultimately, we decided to award our 1Dental Scholarship to Jessica Terpstra, aspiring orthodontist. See her response to this question below:

Jan 8 / Katie Gayle

Dental Treatments People Undergo in a Year

Patient At The Dentist

A lot can happen in a year. When January 1st rolls around, we are all inclined to say, “Already?”  If you are looking at it from a statistical point of view, massive changes happen in a year. For example: did you know that, on average, Americans make 500 million visits to the dentist each year? What dental treatments are they getting in this visits?

Here you’ll find a list of the most common dental treatments people undergo in a year and other dental information as a heads up for 2015.

Jan 6 / Natasha Gayle

1Dental’s Most Popular Articles of 2014

At the start of the New Year, sometimes it’s nice to look back on the year that has been. For the year of 2014, our 1Dental blog has had some great growth. We’ve covered topics that have ventured from the dental sphere to health and then back again. As we looked back over the year, we compiled a list of blog posts that you, based on your feedback through social engagement and activity, have found to be the best/most interesting.

Here is a quick recap and our list for 1Dental’s Most Popular Articles of 2014:

1. 21 Natural Ways to Relieve Pain












Dealing with everyday pains can be, well, a pain. And taking so much medication for these maladies can sometimes be risky to your overall health. That’s why we compiled a list of natural remedies that you can use to treat some of the minor, everyday pains you might experience—from headaches to stomachaches to back pain.

You can use water for aiding in digestion, lemon for improving your digestive system (although remember to rinse out your mouth afterward to protect your teeth!), oranges as a great source of fiber and the list goes on and on.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: These natural remedies should never count as a substitute for prescription medication your doctor recommends you take. While they may offer some relief, they cannot treat serious conditions that you should be seeing a doctor about.

Dec 30 / Katie Gayle

A Senior’s Dental Checklist for the New Year

 Photo  by /  CC BY-ND

Photo by / CC BY-ND

The New Year is generally a time to organize. People want a fresh start – new plans, new goals, new budgets…the list goes on and on. It is common to want to prepare for the upcoming year, and sometimes it is difficult with your annual dental and health plans ending. So we’ve put together a Senior Dental Checklist for the New Year as a way to help you with your New Year’s resolutions.

Dec 22 / Katie Gayle

How Seniors Can Reduce Stress and Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Discover How to Reduce Stress and Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Photo by US Army Garrison Red Cloud – Casey / CC BY-NC-ND

The holidays can be a mix of both cheer and stress. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the pressures of hosting your family, organizing times to get together and all the while trying to remain in good health.  While it is stressful, the holidays can also feel like a sort of “vacation,” in that you get roped into believing that you don’t need to take as good care of yourself than usual (i.e., eating things you probably shouldn’t, slacking on exercise routine, etc.) This is simply not true. You still have a responsibility to yourself to keep up healthy habits.

Here are a few tips to reduce stress and stay healthy during the holidays:

Dec 18 / Katie Gayle

How Saving a Pet Can Lift Your Spirit this Holiday

 Photo  by Chris Brooks /  CC BY-ND

Photo by Chris Brooks / CC BY-ND

Christmastime has the potential to be a great source of joy for some, and a great source of loneliness for others. If you have children who are grown or if you live far away from loved ones, it becomes hard to say good-bye when the week and a half of holiday vacation is over.

Studies have found that having a pet can actually encourage and help seniors with their health – providing a friend and a comfort. This year, think about adopting a pet for Christmas. While you save its life, it might just be saving yours.

Check out the infographic below to find out exactly how a pet can improve your health:

Dec 16 / Natasha Gayle

Top 10 Dentists on Social Media – 2014 Edition

Top 10 Dentists on Social Media Header Photo

Each passing year, we continue to see how social media affects how we interact with one another, how businesses reach customers, how consumers buy and sell their own products and even how dentists communicate and grow their relationship with patients.

It is an important aspect of business and dental practices – to get to know customers and let them get to know you. And while over the past few years we have primarily focused on dentists’ engagement and activity on Facebook and Twitter to compile our top 10 dentists on social media list, there are a few more networks on the scene now, the most significant of which is Google+.

So here is our list for 2014 of the top 10 dentists on social media, who have shown active engagement and activity on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Dec 11 / Katie Gayle

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Winter Safety Tips For Seniors Leaving The House

Photo by Joe Wessels / CC BY-ND

Have you ever left the house unprepared? Maybe you forgot something at home, or got on the bus only to realize that you should have brought a book. We all slip up at times – and with the winter season coming, we want to be sure that everyone is fully prepared to prevent any actual slippage.

When you go out and brave the cold weather, you always want to leave the house ready for a variety of situations – especially if you go alone. Here, we have an infographic about winter safety tips for seniors:

Dec 9 / Katie Gayle

Thoughtful Gifts When You Can’t Leave the House

Thoughtful Gifts

Photo by How I See Life / CC BY-ND

            Gift-giving is not always easy. It is especially a challenge when you are battling health problems or vision failure, or when you worry about driving on the slick and possibly icy roads. Here, we have a list of simple, yet thoughtful present ideas for when you can’t leave the house:

  • Food – a simple, delightful treat for Christmas that can bring a sparkle to anyone’s eyes.
    • Cookies – what better gift than a tin of yumminess?
    • Tea kit – a mug with several different tea bags in it.
    • Soup in a jar – all of the ingredients, uncooked, in a jar. They just have to cook it!
    • Homemade cookie mix in a jar – all of the dry ingredients needed to make cookies that are measured and ready.
    • Hot cocoa mix – you can add some marshmallows and fun mugs to this.
    • Homemade Candy – always a big hit!

Dec 4 / Katie Gayle

How to Stop Gum Disease from Hurting Your Health


Stop Gum Disease from Hurting Your Health

Photo by Andrew E. Larsen / CC BY-ND

The mouth is a dangerous place. And not for food or anything like that – I mean it’s a dangerous place for YOU. Why? Because the lack of oral care and good dental hygiene can cause serious problems to your overall health, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney cancer, diabetes and even premature death.

Dec 2 / Natasha Gayle

Top 10 Dental Books for Kids

Top 10 Dental Books For Kids

So you want your kids to brush their teeth? Convincing them to do so can be tough, but with some help from their favorite movies and these great books, you may be able to do just that. And what great Christmas gifts these would make!

Here are our picks for the top 10 dental books for kids:

1. Brush Your Teeth, Please: A Pop-Up Book

By Leslie McGuire

Published: December 3, 2013 (Hardcover)

Summary: Kids will learn about proper dental hygiene as they go through this book and see the many different animals practicing it – from brushing their teeth to flossing.

Top 10 Dental Books For Kids: Brush Your Teeth, Please












Top 10 Dental Books For Kids: Leslie McGuire Quote