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Apr 23 / Katie Gayle

How Smoking Can Affect Your Eyes

How Smoking Can Affect Your Eyes

Photo by Dangerismycat/ CC BY-NC-ND

In our last article we talked about the negative effects that smoking has on your teeth and overall health. Did you know that smoking can affect your eyesight as well?

Apr 21 / Katie Gayle

How to Fix Stained Teeth After Years of Smoking

Smoking Can Cause Stained Teeth, Among Other Things

Photo by James Vaughan/ CC BY-NC-SA

Odds are if you are a part of the Baby Boomer generation, you may have had a cigarette or two growing up, or maybe you had more than a fair few and it became quite the addiction. While cigarette smoking has declined in recent years, according to the CDC, the effects can be felt from those who spent many years smoking, or maybe still do.

Apr 16 / Katie Gayle

Can Your Smile Make You Look Older?

Can Your Smile Make You Look Older?

Photo by Alessandro Pinna/ CC BY-NC-SA

If you could turn back time on one aspect of your physical appearance (hair, body shape, smile, hair, legs or eyes), what would it be? In a group of one thousand adults, forty-five percent said “smile. It is difficult to keep up good habits for those pearly whites. Most people don’t realize the value of a healthy smile until much later in life.

Take a look at this infographic on the effects of an impaired smile:

Apr 14 / Katie Gayle

Top 5 Tips for Aging Well

There comes a point in life where a word starts to follow you around: “old.” It serves as a constant reminder that you’re not as young as you once were and aren’t able to do the same things as before. For some, this is a frustrating reality and hard to accept. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 5 Tips for Aging Well.

Apr 9 / Katie Gayle

Healthy Ways to Prevent Heart Problems

Healthy Meal to Prevent Heart Problems

Photo by Katrin Morenz / CC BY-SA

Heart health is a serious thing. Each year, half a million people in the U.S. die from heart disease or heart attack. As you get older, you may develop unhealthy habits that can contribute to heart problems and increase your risk of disease.

In order to reduce your risk of heart disease, there are steps you can take and habits you can adopt that will help you move forward healthily.

Apr 7 / Katie Gayle

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth without the Harmful Effects of So Much Sugar

Fruit to Satisfy Sweet Tooth

Photo by Didriks / CC-BY


It is easy to have a “love-hate” relationship with sugar. You love it, obviously for the taste; yet you hate it for the effects. From the extremely sweet caffeinated drinks to each munch-y snack, sugar is everywhere and easy to get hooked on.

Apr 2 / Katie Gayle

How a Dental Visit Could Save Your Life

Dental Visit that Could Save Your Life

Photo by / CC-ND

It might sound crazy, but your dentist might be the first one to let you know of a serious health problem you may have. Why is that? As it happens, the mouth is the body’s tattle-tail. A dentist can notice unusual or unhealthy conditions in your mouth, which may be a sign of larger health concerns.

A similar situation happened to a young 11-year-old who went to the dentist. As a result, the dentist discovered signs that something wasn’t quite right. When the girl was taken to the doctor a week later, they found a grapefruit-sized tumor on her pancreas. They were able to remove it, saving her life! Find out more on this story here.

Mar 31 / Katie Gayle

Preparing Your Child for Summer Sports Season

Boys Playing Soccer

Summer is on the way! (Can I get a “hallelujah!”?) And with summer comes days at the pool, weeks of vacation or afternoons on the field, kicking off the sports season.  In general, summer sports season is a great time either playing or rooting for your favorites teams. An important thing that gets missed or neglected during this exciting season is – you guessed it! – dental care.

Mar 26 / Katie Gayle

Funniest Wisdom Teeth Removal Videos

Wisdom Teeth Funny Video Collage

While your child might be anxious about going in for their wisdom teeth removal surgery, it can be hard to tell if they are nervous about the procedure itself or the potential for post-surgery, sure-to-be-embarrassing moments caught on film for all to see. Well, here we’ve got some of the best, most laugh-out-loud, post-removal videos the world could offer:

Mar 24 / Katie Gayle

Are Bad Teeth Genetic?

 Photo  by Louish Pixel /  CC BY-NC-ND

Photo by Louish Pixel / CC BY-NC-ND

Have you ever wondered if your kid has bad teeth because you do? Here’s the short answer: yes and no.

What it really comes down to is your definition of “bad teeth.” If you are thinking of crooked or misshapen teeth, then yes, that is likely a genetic disorder. On the other hand, if you associate having bad teeth with stained or decaying teeth, then no, that is not caused by genetics. That is simply caused by bad dental habits. Here’s the difference:

Mar 19 / Meredith Jolly

A Parent’s Guide to Teething

 Photo  by Fendy Zaidan /  CC BY-NC-SA

Photo by Fendy Zaidan / CC BY-NC-SA

Many of us have experienced the joy of seeing our baby’s first teeth; however, before those cute little teeth come in, teething happens. When babies begin teething, it can be a painful ordeal for both parent and baby. Late nights and grumpy kiddos tend to rock parents’ worlds for several months, but fear not! We have compiled a parent’s guide to teething to help you conquer those few challenging months with your little one. We are here to answer the big questions you may face while loving on your teething baby.

Mar 11 / Natasha Gayle

A Young Leprechaun Teaches Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Leprechaun final

Jade is a young leprechaun, small but good.

He obeys his parents, doing whatever they would.

Jade’s dental health is important to them and to him.

Mar 11 / Sarah Mace

Poor Habits for Kids Dental Health

 Photo  by Andrew Seaman /  CC BY-ND

Photo by Andrew Seaman / CC BY-ND

Helping a child form healthy dental habits can be stressful. There’s a lot to do and a lot to remember when it comes to your kids dental health. Promoting good dental habits from day one is easier said than done. Here are some examples of poor dental habits, as well as some ideas for parents to help get their kids back on track and on the road to great dental health. Also, check out this article on hygiene essentials for busy parents for more tips.

Mar 10 / Meredith Jolly

Home Remedies for Receding Gums

Coconut Oil - Home Remedies for Receding Gums

Photo by / CC BY-SA

Receding gums can cause intense pain and sometimes it is hard to get into a dental office soon enough to relieve that pain. Luckily, there are a few home remedies for receding gums that can be used to help reduce pain, swelling and even aid in repairing damaged gum tissue. Most can be done just once a day after regular brushing and flossing. Adding one of these simple, inexpensive remedies to your daily routine could save you a lot of heartache and pain while you are waiting to get into a dental office.

Mar 5 / Katie Gayle

Don’t Take a Spring Break from Your Teeth

Child's Shovel and Pail at the Beach

Spring Break – the kids are off of school and ready for fun! Whether that fun is heading to camp for a week or simply not going to school, kids have a tendency to forget one crucial thing: dental health. There are many things to keep in mind to help your kids maintain quality dental health, including: