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Finding an Insurance Carrier That Discounts Cosmetic Dentistry

By Susan Braden

Man With Dental Discount For Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic procedures are growing in popularity in America – a person’s smile now ranks as a more important physical feature than the hair and body, according to the American Dental Association. While most dental insurance companies state that cosmetic procedures are not need-based claims, and will often refuse you such coverage outright, here are a few tips that may bring you a dental discount with a dental savings plan.

Can I Get a Cosmetic Dental Discount?

Dental discount plans provide a discounted rate at in-network dental offices on procedures such as:

Dental Implants

Cosmetic Crowns


(Varies by Dentist)


(Varies by Dentist)

Typical Coverage and How to Get It

Whereas traditional dentistry focuses on preventing disease and maintaining oral hygiene, cosmetic dentistry focuses on further improving the appearance of your teeth and mouth. While traditional dentistry is always a necessity, a patient can decide if he or she wants to pursue cosmetic treatments. As you research your options, make sure that you are getting the best discount, as well as the best quality, and learn what dental insurance companies will and will not cover.

Learn the Cost of Dental Services
in Your Area

Most insurance does not cover the following procedures:

  • Bleaching or tooth whitening
  • Correcting a space between the teeth
  • Initial placement of porcelain veneers

However, you can get around some of these limitations to receive the best discount possible. While insurance tooth whitening clauses are almost immovable, in that it is extremely difficult to make whitening seem absolutely necessary for your health, some discount plans might be able to help you save on the procedure. Tooth bonding, for purposes other than improving tooth appearance, may be covered under some circumstances, especially if the procedure is intended to repair a scratch or chip. In addition, cosmetic repairs after an injury are almost always covered.


You might get a discount on your porcelain veneers if you are replacing or repairing them. Most contracts include a section on repairs for deteriorated work, which does not have such a stringent coverage list. Though replacement veneers are usually covered under this section, you might encounter some bureaucratic issues if the clerk reviewing your claim sees the term “porcelain veneers” without noticing that they are a replacement.

Discount Plans May Help

If you cannot find insurance that will cover the procedure you want, you may be able to find a dental savings plan, an alternative to dental insurance that will offer you a percentage off the cost of the cosmetic work you need. Explore your options to make the best financial decision for a glowing smile.

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