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Dental Insurance for Individuals with Latex Allergies

By Susan Braden

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A dentist’s gloves are the surface that touches the inside of your mouth during treatment, and often these are made of natural rubber. Dental insurance for individuals who may have allergic reactions to this substance could be of utmost importance.

Hypersensitive Reactions

Latex can be found in many common products such as swimwear, pacifiers, hoses, electrical cords, toys, shoes and tires. Most people can interact with these products on a daily basis with no repercussions, but some individuals are hypersensitive to the proteins derived from natural latex. Since a number of medical products contain this substance, such as gloves, tape and syringes, going to a cheap dentist may invoke a fear of severe reaction in these individuals. Insurance may help cover treatment if a reaction does occur.

The natural substance is developed from a milky liquid in rubber trees, but scientists have generated a synthetic version commonly used in products like house paint. Those sensitive to the version derived from trees can ask that their dentist use gloves and other items with man-made rubber instead.


When exposed to latex proteins, allergic patients may experience congestion or hives. The problem may be exacerbated if powder from the gloves enters a patient’s nostrils or mouth. In severe cases, a patient could have difficulty breathing. Exposure to latex could cause a sudden blood pressure drop, a swollen throat, nose and tongue, and could even cause the patient to lose consciousness. This situation could be life-threatening, so emergency assistance must be sought immediately if a reaction occurs.

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

Millions of people are exposed to latex products every day, and the number with allergic reactions is small in comparison. But if that person is you, dentist visits could be a great concern.

In order to avoid health emergencies and expensive doctor’s bills, you may want to inform your dentist office of your allergy in advance so that their staff can make the appropriate notations in your file and adjust your treatment plan. Dental insurance for patients with latex allergies is crucial. If, however, insurance is not a viable option for you, many people choose discount dental plans as an alternative to dental insurance.

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