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Individual Dental Insurance

Individual Dental Insurance

The landscape of individual dental insurance options has changed over the years in America. We’ll take a quick look this insurance paradigm shift in this article. We will also explore some modern options available to us in the field of dental coverage and plans. By exploring this insurance shift and new options, you will be able to make an informed decision on how to meet your dentistry needs.

In the past, most American workers were provided with a benefits package that usually included medical insurance, pension, paid vacations, and individual dental insurance. While there remain some jobs out there that do still have some of the fore mentioned benefits, most do not. These days the typical “full” benefits package will include health insurance, some vacation, and possibly a 401k. What seems to be missing more and more in the field of insurance, almost to the point of extinction, is individual dental insurance coverage.

Nevertheless, there are more and more insurance companies offering individual dental insurance coverage to the individual looking for a discount plan. This is possibly or partly a result of this reduction in company dental plans and insurance coverage. Now you’ll notice with only a little research that the cost for traditional individual dental insurance is generally higher than your average person’s budget would allow until, of course, the dentistry need becomes a big priority. At that point there may begin to be other barriers to hurdle such as pre-existing conditions, limitations and the like. However, at least we are fortunate that there are an abundance of options available other than traditional individual dental insurance that can be helpful to a myriad of situations.

Two options that may be helpful are dental schools and free clinics. There are opportunities for an individual to receive free or very cheap service provided by dental schools, without needing to get reductions through insurance. These schools are training up new dentists and sometimes offer dentistry work by a young dentist supervised by a professor. Also, you may look into free dental clinics, which are often available in low income areas for those who would otherwise not be financially able to pay for a dentist’s services. These clinics perform some, but not all, dental procedures and really can be a tremendous help to an individual in need. The two risks with both of these options is quality and waiting. If you’re an individual in a hurry or who needs a complicated procedure done, you may want to check out a third option.

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Discount Dental Plan

The third option for an individual is an excellent dental insurance alternative called the discount dental plan. These plans are quite helpful and affordable. These plans have immediate availability and a low monthly premium. An individual who can afford insurance plans or who has once had a plan through an employer might tend to view the discount plans as automatically inferior to a typical insurance plan. However, what can be found through a fair comparison of the two, is that they are fundamentally different, particularly in the way they function. They are quite reputable in the way they provide service and cut individual out-of-pocket expenses way down. In fact, there are even a couple of areas where the discount plan is more beneficial for an individual. A discount plan is very inexpensive, has no deductibles or maximums, and is usually immediately active, while many traditional insurance plans have a six month to a year waiting period before you can access the coverage, so this type of coverage is clearly worth considering.

As we finish our quick look into the dental plan shift from company to the individual, we can agree that it is unfortunate that many businesses do not carry individual dental insurance for their employees. It is fortunate, however, that there are indeed a wide range of opportunities for the average person to acquire dentistry coverage and ultimately save money on those costs. Don’t forget to consider discount plans as you research your opportunities!

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