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Cheap Wisdom Teeth Removal and Recovery

By Natasha Gayle

Cheap Wisdom Teeth Removal

There are essentially two parts to wisdom teeth removal, the procedure and the recovery process. It seems wisdom teeth removal has almost become a rite of passage. Most everyone goes through it and we all come out at the other end better for it.

If you are in need of this procedure, there is one large factor to consider and that is cost. Is there such a thing as cheap wisdom teeth removal ? Fortunately for you, there is.

If you are in need of this procedure, there is one large factor to consider and that is cost. Is there such a thing as cheap wisdom teeth removal ? Fortunately for you, there is.

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

Wisdom teeth removal can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 per tooth without dental insurance. You can usually expect to pay close to $1,000 for the removal of four wisdom teeth.

What Are Some Cheap Wisdom Teeth Removal Options?

There are cheap wisdom teeth removal options out there that may lessen the financial burden on you or your family.

Discount Dental Plans

Our discount dental plans can offer you significant savings at the dental offices that are in our network for your wisdom teeth removal procedure. The cost would drop from between $200 and $500 a tooth to $60 and $200 a tooth, depending on the type of extraction needed and the state in which you live.

Dental Insurance

See how much your dental insurance can save you on this procedure. That will help you plan accordingly.

Use your FSA

A lot of companies offer employees a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). If you haven’t already used it this year, you can put some of that money toward this procedure.

Payment Plan

Although this wouldn’t make it any less money for you, talking to your dentist or oral surgeon about a payment plan can make the cost more manageable for you or your family.

Low Cost Dental Recovery Tips

Essentially, the recovery stage is going to be mostly on your plate. How well you follow your dentist’s instructions, how much rest you allow yourself and how you enjoy your time at home. With those in mind, here are the three key ways you can benefit from the procedure for a low cost dental recovery:

Follow your dentist's instructions!

Listening to and following your dentist’s or oral surgeon’s instructions is the best way to experience the most low cost dental recovery possible and the least amount of pain. For the first few days after your extraction, you may feel some lingering numbness or pain in your mouth. Your dentist may tell you to ice your jaw to slow down the blood flow in that area, and to eat only soft food to quicken the healing time of your mouth. Closely following your dentist’s instructions will make for the quickest and easiest recovery time.

Rest as much as humanly possible.

As you rest, your body has the time and energy to recuperate from the extraction. You may be dizzy and extremely tired for the first few days after your extraction—a 2 to 3 day recovery period is average. If you try to hit it hard and work from home, however, you may be at home much longer! Try not to put extra stress on your body in any way, especially by talking. The less you talk and the shorter time period in which you talk will lessen your recovery time.

Enjoy your little break from life.

Taking time to enjoy your resulting break from life due to the extraction will make life less stressful to return to later. Watch some TV, spend time with your family or start reading that book you've been wanting to read. On the other hand, if you spend your recovery time grudgingly, you may return to your normal life already tired and slightly cranky. One of the best ways to survive having your wisdom teeth out is to enjoy your little break from the daily grind!

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Following your dentist's instructions and choosing to relax adds up to a quick and easy recovery, allowing you to step right back into the regular flow of your daily life. If you want to survive having your wisdom teeth out to return to life relaxed and refreshed, follow these three simple steps - they can turn your experience from painful to enjoyable.

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