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Needle-Free Anesthetic Makes Dental Visit Easier

By Susan Braden

syringe used with dental plans

Most people do not jump for joy at the thought of dentists, but a visit to the office is often much worse for those with a needle phobia or with monetary anxieties. Dental plans and a new breakthrough with nasally administered painkiller may help ease two of the biggest concerns preventing people from scheduling a visit.

Afraid of Needles

A journal of the American Chemical Society recently discovered that when a certain local anesthetic is delivered to the nose by spray or drops, it travels through several main nerves to the brain, one of which primarily affects the mouth area. Scientists believe this evidence could result in a whole new variety of treatment for situations like oral pain and severe headaches. In experiments with rats, researchers found that even though the anesthetic moved through the blood and entered the brain, it affected the tooth and jaw area 20 times more. If the study develops further, anesthetic delivered nasally by spray or drops could replace needles, making the experience at the dentist office much more comfortable for some people.

Financial Concerns

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

Oral health can be a large monetary burden, especially if a large amount of work is necessary. Discount plans can ease financial concerns by eliminating maximums, premiums and claims so patients can deal directly with a cheap dentist for payment. Many plans offer significant discounts on common procedures, making patients responsible for a much lower cost than what the office would normally charge. Many people find this helpful because they can often save a large percentage off the price of treatment.

Oral health can affect a person’s general well-being, so maintaining proper hygiene of the teeth and gums can help prevent cavities for a beautiful smile. Anesthetic that doesn’t require needles can make the experience more comfortable, and dental plans that lower the cost can make payment less burdensome.

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