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4 Affordable Dental Health Foods

By Susan B.

If you are often betrayed by your sweet tooth, what preventative, affordable dental measures can you take to prevent tooth decay and to promote healthy teeth? The best answer to this question, other than the brushing and flossing of your teeth, is to understand what foods promote healthy teeth. If you have weak teeth, or if you enjoy sweets a little too much, then eating the affordable dental health foods listed below may really be a help to you!

Affordable Dental Health Foods

Milk – The calcium in milk is a definite help to your teeth. This calcium allows your teeth to regain strength and to remain strong, reducing the acidity in your mouth and thus preventing tooth decay. Do not forget that taking vitamin D with your calcium allows your body, bones, and teeth to absorb the calcium, so be sure to also take a vitamin supplement or a vitamin D-enriched milk or juice. You can also find vitamin D in fish and in enriched cereals.

Cheese – Cheese's high calcium, low-carb content can aid in balancing your mouth's pH. This function is important because an acidic pH can speed the growth of the bacteria leading to tooth decay! Cheese can also encourage saliva production (saliva kills cavity-causing bacteria) and builds up and protects your enamel – a small portion may be the perfect sweet substitute!

Garlic – Garlic is a great bacteria-killer, and can really help reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth. The best way to achieve this effect is to eat raw garlic, but if you cannot stomach chomping on a clove of garlic, adding it to your foods will still beneficial for killing the decay-causing bacteria in your mouth. However, remember that garlic can also have a negative impact on your breath – when you eat garlic, be sure to keep some mint handy to add to your tea or water as a neutralizer!

Celery – Celery and other crunchy vegetables encourage the production of saliva in your mouth that eliminates bacteria and reduces cavities. Rough vegetables, like celery, actually scrub your teeth and stimulate your gums, reducing plaque and periodontal problems.

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What you eat can directly benefit your oral health! If you want to increase the health of your teeth, start eating a little more of these affordable dental health foods. Still, if you already have tooth problems, go to your dentist right away! Waiting to see a dentist will only increase any existing tooth problems you may have. Always remember that eating these health foods will contribute to healthier teeth, and a healthier body!

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