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Affordable Dental Care Solutions for Bad Breath

By Susan Braden

Someone Needs Affordable Dental Care Solutions For Bad Breath

Can you smell your own breath? You are not alone – many of us suffer from poor-smelling breath, especially in the mornings! You may need affordable dental care to stop the stink; thankfully it is a fairly easy problem to solve. Read on for a few affordable tips to combat your poor-smelling breath.

Don’t let your mouth dry out

When places in your house are wet or damp, mold and other bacteria grows. Your mouth, however, is just the opposite. When your mouth dries out, its bacteria actually begins to thrive, causing breath that smells rank. The best way to combat dry mouth is to keep your mouth moist. Be sure to stay well hydrated, and try chewing a sugar-free gum to get your saliva moving.

Keep your tongue clean

Want another tip to help you escape poor-smelling breath? Keeping your tongue clean will work wonders! Many people with poor-smelling mouths still brush and floss regularly, but still can't rid themselves of the stink. This is often because many of us do not take the time to clean our tongues. Forgetting to clean your tongue is a no-no, because plaque and bacteria can hide in your tongue’s grooves, causing bad breath to linger for a long time. Cleaning your tongue a least once a day with a tongue scraper is a great way to combat your problem. Some toothbrushes are even made with built-in tongue scrapers on the back of the brush-head.

Gargle for awhile

Believe it or not, gargling with a mouthwash may not be enough to knock out rank breath. Many mouthwashes use alcohol as a major ingredient, which is not the most effective bacteria-fighting agent. Try swishing a mouthwash that has zinc chloride instead – zinc chloride has an increased ability to eradicate bacteria from your mouth. These mouthwashes are often an intense green or blue color.

Get your mouth checked by a dentist

If your bad breath persists, it could be a sign of significant tooth decay or another oral issue. You may want to visit a dentist as soon as possible with a discount dental plan to ensure the most affordable care possible for your bad breath and its triggering issue.

Find a Dentist in Your Area

If you are looking for affordable dental care solutions for bad breath, just remember a few things. First, you aren’t alone! Many of us suffer from poor-smelling breath too. Take the practical steps of keeping your mouth moist, scraping your tongue at least once a day, and gargling with zinc chloride mouthwash to significantly reduce or eliminate the stink. If the problem persists, do not be afraid to visit your dentist to investigate possible oral issues.

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