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Affordable Dental Treatment for Pulled Teeth

By Susan Braden

Plasma For Affordable Dental Care

Are you about to get your tooth pulled? Are you dreading the money and time that you will lose due to this procedure? There may be an affordable dental care method being tested that can quicken the healing process after tooth extractions. The substance is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP), as noted in the "Journal of Oral Implantology."

Prevents Some Extraction Side Effects

There are many things that could go wrong after tooth extractions. One of the most common effects of this procedure is jawbone loss, which can require costly surgery, delay the insertion of implants, and even result in unrepairable bone loss. This new product could prevent such costly situations with a more affordable method of treatment.

Reduces Recovery Time

Application of the plasma can also quicken recovery time between procedures. The usual wait time for implants or prosthetics can be about 6 months after a tooth extraction, but after PRP application, the wait time may be decreased to just 2-4 months. Your time is valuable, and this product may help conserve your wait time at a cheap dentist.

Positive Study Results

A recent study measured the affects of PRP on a patient who had their wisdom teeth extracted. Researchers treated one side of the mouth with the product and left the other one as a control in the experiment. The treated area showed a significant increase in bone density in just one week. The untreated side took 6 weeks just to reach the same bone density that the treated side reached that one week. This process may not only become an affordable option, but an effective one as well.

What It Does Not Do

This product, however, does not affect all components of the healing process. It does not effectively reduce swelling, inflammation, pain and bleeding after an extraction. Talk to your dentist if you experience any of these symptoms after your tooth is pulled.

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

Regardless, platelet-rich plasma may become an option that is both speedy and effective in preventing bone loss. Saving you both time and money, it may prove to be a method of affordable dental care after tooth extractions.

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