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Cheap Dental Coverage for Cleanings - Tips to Keep Your Teeth as Clean as They Can Be

By Susan Braden

Toothbrushes - a cheap dental solution

Cheap dental coverage can save you lots of money on cleanings, but you could save even more if you already have strong teeth. Read these tips to find out how to keep your mouth healthy and happy.

Tips for Cheap Care

  • Brush at least twice a day.
  • Rub your smile with a dry bay leaf twice a week for extra sparkle.
  • Keep your gums healthy by flossing regularly. Flossing also helps prevent gum disease.
  • While and after you are sick, disinfect your germ-infested toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol before putting it back in your mouth. You may want to just throw it away all together.
  • Toothbrushes wear out. Buy a new toothbrush every three months at the latest.

Safe Toothpaste

Over time, toothpaste will lose its effectiveness. Always pay attention to the expiration date on the tube. Also read the labels if the paste has been giving you cold sores or some other allergic reaction. You might find cheap coverage to repair problems caused this way. Especially be aware of the tartar-control variety - it has been known to cause reactions. Never swallow toothpaste, as it can be extremely dangerous, especially for little kids. There is a higher risk of children ingesting too much if it is sparkly or yummy-tasting. Make sure you have coverage if your kids are especially adventurous and might try to brush unsupervised. Also, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are great cleaners, but they should not be used daily by themselves. Instead, try a natural brand that has one or both of these items as ingredients.

How to Brush Properly

Many people do not know the proper way to brush. Your toothbrush should be held at a 45-degree angle against the gum line. Gently brush from here up to the chewing surface in small circles with a cheap, soft-bristle toothbrush. Be careful not to brush too hard or receding gums, sensitive teeth or enamel loss may result.

Oral Health Diet

Several foods are cheap, natural enamel cleaners. Crunchy foods like apples, celery and carrots help scrub your enamel while you are eating. However, some stickier foods like peanut butter will stick to your teeth too long, and that sticky coverage could increase the risk of decay. Cheese can coat your teeth with calcium, coverage that helps fight decay.

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Between keeping your smile healthy and having cheap insurance coverage for mouth care, oral cleanings have never been more affordable. Just follow these steps, and you’re on your way to a healthy mouth and a happy wallet.




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