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Cheap Dental Solutions for Dry Mouth Syndrome

By Susan Braden

cheap dental solutions for xerostomia

Dry mouth syndrome, or xerostomia, is not just an uncomfortable feeling in the mouth or throat. If left untreated, a decrease in saliva can lead to excess plaque and tooth decay, but there are cheap dental options to treat the problem.


Several factors can contribute to dry mouth syndrome. Everyone experiences it at some point, and the exact number of people suffering from dry mouth is unknown. It can affect any age range, but it is most commonly seen among older adults. Several cheap treatments for patients of any age are available to combat the problem. Medicine is the most common cause. Nearly 400 medicines list dry mouth syndrome as a side effect. Medical conditions like diabetes or Sjögren’s Syndrome, which affects moisture-producing glands in the body, can result in a dry mouth. Stress or emotional anxiety causes hormone changes, especially in those going through menopause or pregnancy. It could also be caused by continually breathing with the mouth open.


Some symptoms may occasionally happen to someone not experiencing the condition, but ongoing symptoms on a severe, moderate or even mild basis could indicate dry mouth.

  • Thick, stringy, or insufficient saliva
  • Dry or sore mouth or throat
  • Difficulty chewing, swallowing or talking
  • Cracked lips or dry skin at the corners of the mouth
  • Burning sensation in the mouth, particularly on the tongue
  • Mouth infection
  • Slightly altered sense of taste


Lack of saliva dries out the tissue in the mouth, causing it to become inflamed and thus more susceptible to infection. Inflammation can also cause a burning sensation. Without saliva to constantly wash the mouth, plaque can build up and trap bacteria. The teeth are then more likely to decay and produce cavities. No moisture also makes it difficult to swallow, talk or chew because the tongue will stick to the mouth. It could even dry up the nasal passages.


Find a Dentist in Your Area

A cheap dentist will first examine the mouth for any cavities or infection resulting from the dry mouth. The dentist may then recommend a cheap treatment to restore moisture to the mouth. Some of these treatments include special oral rinses, sugar-free candy designed to stimulate saliva flow and more frequent fluid intake. In some cases, the dentist may prescribe an oral medication or moisturizer to stimulate saliva production and flow.

Dry mouth syndrome may be bothersome, and sometimes it can develop more severe consequences. The problem is reversible, however, and a dentist can recommend several cheap dental solutions.

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