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Low Cost Dental and Health Tips

By Susan Braden

Most of us are concerned about our appearance, and this is not an issue we typically think about with a smile. Face it, in this world of “perfect 10's” on every magazine cover, billboard and television show, it feels almost impossible to not care what you look like. So, if you had to ensure that one feature of your body looked good, which would it be? Many people answer their face. Your face is what most people spend time looking at – so make it bright and beautiful!

Now, as much as you may want to spend a lot to make your face lovely, most do not have the money. Botox, tanning salons, salon facials, and teeth whitening treatments are not cheap dental or health options, and really seem too much money to pour in for vanity’s sake! However, there are a myriad of cheap dental and health options available for people who are looking to improve their skin, eyes, and smile at home, without spending too much money. Where is the best place to start? Your smile!

Low Cost Dental and Health Tips

Your Smile

Your smile can either draw people in or turn people away. Part of this idea has to do with your expression itself, and the other part has more to do with the state of your teeth. Your teeth are the one area of your face that you may want make a high quality but low cost dental investment in. in. Since your oral health can be an indicator of your overall health, taking care of your mouth is a must!

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Regular brushing and flossing with a low cost dental whitening toothpaste (preferably also containing fluoride) will help maintain the state of your smile. If you know that you need some low cost dental work performed, you may want to purchase a low cost dental discount plan or insurance and take care of any issues now, before you lose a tooth. A missing front tooth does not make a pretty smile!

Your Expression

Once you have found low cost dental solutions for your teeth, take a little time to work on your expression itself. Look in a mirror and smile. Do you smile without opening your mouth? Do you open your mouth too wide? How often do you smile? Are you satisfied with your expression? Try to evaluate your expressions and to improve upon them. As you make your smile shine, you will see the difference it makes in the way your whole face looks, and even how you carry yourself. Now you are ready to brighten up your skin!

Your Skin

Facials and botox may not be an affordable, or desirable, option for you, but there are many things you can do at home to improve the look of your skin, and bring a natural glow to your face at a low cost to your wallet. An at-home facial is one easy and fun option for improving your skin tone. Look online for facials you can enjoy by using products you already have at home, or visit your local store for a variety of facial options.

Once you determine your skin's current condition, then you can determine exactly what products you might want to try. Whether your skin is blotchy, dry, or oily, or even if you have acne, you should be able to find different lotions, exofoliants, and masks that can be a real benefit to you.

Your Eyes

Once you have worked out your skin care regimen, you may want to pay specific attention to your eyes. The way your eyes look will add drama and light to your already bright face. The best way to improve the ways your eyes look are to take a few simple steps to improve their health and clarity. First, you will want to stop any bad habits that cause your eyes to be bloodshot, baggy or dark. Bad habits that would cause this include lack of sleep, smoking, rubbing your eyes, or exposing your eyes to harmful chemicals. You can then improve the clarity of your eyes by making sure the area around your eyes is clear. You can do this by keeping your eyebrows neat (through brushing and plucking) and by treating dark circles with cucumbers or special creams.

These simple, low cost dental and health steps will really improve the look of your face. Your smile will really sparkle, and your confidence in your smile will really improve how you look as a whole. Your skin and eyes will also make your overall face look light, bright, and attractive!

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