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Lack of Affordable Dental Care May be Linked to Major Medical Problems

By Susan Braden

affordable dental care needed for body health

Most people see the condition of their mouths as separate from their overall health. However, oral health has been linked to your overall bodily healthiness, according to The Vancouver Sun. Healthy teeth aids in your physical and mental well-being, says Dr. Don Friedlander, president of the Canadian Dental Association, and affordable dental treatment can increase your ability to protect your teeth and body.

A healthy mouth serves us greatly – it is key to enjoyable eating, talking, and smiling. Do you know that a lack of oral health can contribute to medical problems such as diabetes, respiratory problems, and even cardiovascular disease?

Cardiologist Dr. Nisha D’Mello of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute takes the link between heart health and a healthy mouth seriously. "[P]atients who are scheduled to receive a new heart valve are often routinely scheduled to see our dentist in the hospital to make sure there are no cavities or active infections in the mouth because once they receive the new heart valve there is a chance that the bacteria from the mouth could move and infect the heart valve," she says.

The link between your mouth and your body cannot be ignored. "It is clear that the consequences of poor oral hygiene can go much further than your mouth. The statistics indicate that poor oral health increases your chances of getting a number of diseases," Friedlander says.

Dr. Rob MacGregor, vice-president of the Canadian Dental Association, says that "[R]ecent research shows that people with oral bacteria and periodontal disease seem more prone to respiratory illness and having babies with low birth weights."

Research has also shown that uncontrolled diabetes can lead to gum disease. Those with gum disease and oral bacteria are more prone to stroke and have a higher risk of developing lung diseases, according to medical professionals.

Lack of Affordable Dental Care

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

Knowing that the state of your mouth is so linked to your overall health and well-being, it is all the more important to take care of your teeth. Poor oral health may be a result of a lack of affordable dental treatment; when people are unable to afford treatment, their mouths may become a low priority, putting their overall health at risk. There is low cost oral treatment available – you may want to research a discount plan that can grant you affordable care to protect your mouth and body.

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