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How to Find Low Cost Dental Care

By Susan Braden

low cost dental care research

Amidst the nationwide economic downturn and rising taxes and cost-of-living, low cost dental services can be hard to find. For most people, a good dentist that offers affordable costs for procedures isn’t easy to find, but often because we do not know where to look. Researching on the internet can be a great way to find affordable dentistry and a discount plan.


The website for the American Dental Association, known as the ADA, is a place to search for affordable dentistry in your area. By visiting the ADA’s website, you may find a list of schools of dentistry that can treat you at a lower cost.

Free Medical Camps

Another good source of information is Free Medical Camps' website. It lists many local clinics where you can find free or substantially cheaper dentistry work. Some of these locations may have specific parameters set on who can be eligible, such as the homeless, low income families, and verified local residents only.

Toronto Public Health

If you live in Canada, there are places in Toronto where children, high school students and senior citizens can receive free dentistry treatment. You may want to visit Toronto Public Health’s website for more info. The organization offers this benefit to many eligible young or elderly individuals. Certain procedures may require a nominal fee, but that is typically only for additional laboratory work.

Your Dentist

Believe it or not, a high quality dentist can be attentive to your needs, realizing that you may need help handling the bill. First, ask about any payment plans and discount plans available at your dentist’s office. Often, dentists are willing to work with you by letting you pay in installments for a certain period of time or even discounting the price for you. If your dentist can't provide affordable services to fit your budget, ask if they know of another office where you could save off the dentistry you need.

Investigate Discount Plans

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

A dental discount plan is often the most affordable alternative to insurance with high premiums and to high bills at the dentist. These plans can cut your dentist bills in half in many cases. You may want to ask your dentist or friends in your community which plans they recommend.

The above websites and resources are just a few places where you can learn how to save money on your dentistry. Your local Chamber of Commerce may also give you a reference for a dentist or clinic where you can pay little to nothing for dentistry. You may also want to check out a discount plan available in your area, which has the potential to save you the most money. As long as you are willing to research, you can find low cost dental work near you.

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