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Need an Affordable Dental Filling? Your Liver May Help

By Susan Braden

affordable dental fillings

For those of us who have experienced a failed filling, help may be on the way, according to the Science Daily. Chinese and Canadian scientists have reported the creation and development of an alternate material for more affordable dental fillings, a material that replaces the questionable ingredients of resin-based composite (plastic) with natural “bile acids” created by the human liver.

The use of dangerous mercury in the traditional amalgam filling has caused many worried consumers to question the affect of amalgam on the health of parents and their children, thus the use of more affordable plastic fillings is becoming more widespread.

Though more dentists are using plastic fillings these days, some dentists are hesitant to fill cavities with resin-based composite, due its increased chances of shrinking and cracking, and its potential to release the toxin bisphenol A found in plastic.

This new composite, however, does not contain mercury or bisphenol A. The new composite instead actually employs bile acids, liver-produced ingredients that digest fats in the human body, stored by your gallbladder. Believe it or not, resins formed with bile acids are harder, potentially longer lasting, crack-resistant plastic composites. These revolutionary composites may be the affordable fillings of the future!

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Scientists say the alternate material displays increased strength and durability. These factors could lead to less emergency dentist visits, which can be more expensive than traditional checkups. The crack-resistant properties of the new composite may eliminate painful cracks common due to shrinking resin fillings. Longer lasting fillings could surely lead to more affordable dental bills for many Americans.

85% of adults have had tooth decay, and 30% of adults have untreated decay in America, according to Healthy People 2010.

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