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A Supplemental Dental Plan - Help When You Need It

A supplemental dental plan can help save consumers on out-of-pocket costs that their traditional benefit plans won’t cover. You might think, “But doesn’t my insurance take care of everything?” Many people mistakenly assume that all services are covered through their health or dental insurance plans. They also expect to get any work required as soon as they need it. However, not all dental benefits companies assist with every oral procedure, and you are limited on how much coverage you can get in a year’s time period. On top of this problem, traditional insurance companies typically require a twelve-month waiting period for any major dentistry work. These obstacles cause a problem if you have a family with exceptional oral health issues. The consumer will be left to pay 100% of the balance out-of-pocket for services your primary-insurance does not cover, as well as for anything after you have hit your annual maximum. You can solve these problems with a supplemental dental plan.

What is a supplemental dental plan?

Supplemental policies are a “plan B” to help cut the cost of what your primary-insurance won’t cover – hence the name supplemental. They do not take the place of your primary coverage but a supplemental option keeps you from paying 100% of the charges.

How do I find a supplemental dental plan?

The best option is to search online and research companies to find the exactly what you need. Look for the answers to these questions:

  1. How much does supplemental cost each month?
  2. What is the waiting period for supplemental options?
  3. Does the supplemental policy also have a maximum?

There are many great dental-plans, also referred to as discount plans, on the market today that allow you to save money when you need to see a dentist now. Most provide discounts on ALL minor or major work with no required waiting period. Best of all, monthly rates are rather inexpensive. Anyone qualifies no matter what kind of insurance or pre-existing conditions they have.

Some employers offer supplemental dental plans that they call “voluntary plans.” This option offers very basic dentistry coverage. This means that employers can choose to accept or seek their own option from supplemental companies or sales agents. Ask your HR department for details or suggestions.

PPO/PPN Insurance

Another alternative supplemental dental plan is PPO/PPN insurance. This is referred to as Preferred Provider Network. Keep in mind that these organizations have rules and regulations similar to traditional insurance, meaning that you can expect a waiting period. There also may be products that are not covered, similar to your current insurance plans. There will also be a higher monthly cost than with most discount plans.

Know all facts of a supplemental dental plan.

Supplemental options are an alternative to help with needs that your current primary-insurance will not provide. Be aware that most dentists will not allow a client to claim a primary insurance policy along with another policy for the same procedure. You may ask, “Why?” and the answer is simple. All insurance and discount plans on the market work with the same method behind the scenes. These companies re-negotiate a reduced fee for the service with the dentist. Therefore a dentist is not compensated for 100% of the work rendered and will only accept one type of coverage per procedure given. Look at it like trying to use a coupon on a product that is already offered at a sale price. In most cases, the store will only accept the sale price or the discount coupon—but it will not profit if it accepts both.

When searching for a supplemental dental plan, I have found that these are mostly “in-network,” meaning you have to see a dentist on their listing. If you have a dentist that does not accept the it, you will have to be prepared to see a different dentist.

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

In conclusion, know what you are paying for. It is important to research your current primary-insurance to find out what coverage is really provided to you. This will allow you to determine if a supplemental dental plan is necessary to save on all of your dentistry needs.

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