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You May Need Dental Coverage for Soft Drink Damage

By Susan Braden

cheap dental coverage necessary for soda-decayed teeth

High sugar content is not the only concern you should have about soft drinks. Prolonged exposure to carbonated beverages can wear away enamel and even permanently harm your pearly whites. If sodas are a regular part of your diet, you may want to look into cheap dental coverage for the damage.


The excessive sugar and acid levels found in soda wear away the enamel on the surface of the teeth, which can make them more sensitive. Eventually, severe erosion can actually lead to loss of tooth structure. Additionally, the situation alters the pH balance in your mouth, forming an ideal breeding ground for bacteria coverage. With higher acidity and sticky sugar, plaque builds and sticks to the teeth while bacteria grows at an accelerated rate. This is the perfect environment for tooth decay.

What About Diet Drinks?

Some people think that if they drink a diet soda, the lack of sugar makes the drink healthy for their teeth as well. Their teeth are still not safe, however. Diet drinks contain citric acid and/or phosphoric acid, which poses less danger than regular sugared drinks but can still cause erosion to the teeth. Non-cola drinks contain even higher citric acid levels than colas and are especially harmful to the mouth.

Like Battery Acid

“My patients are shocked to hear that many of the soft drinks they consume [contain substances akin to] battery acid,” said Dr. Kenton Ross, a spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry. Battery acid ranks 1.0 on the acid scale, and studies show that one type of cola ranked 2.39. No matter what kind of soda you prefer, dentists still recommend that you avoid them, because the acidity in all of them is enough to harm the teeth.

Is It Too Late?

Though dental erosion does not directly lead to cavities, it can still wear away tooth structure and cause sensitivity, which are also potentially serious oral health problems. Tooth decay may come as a side effect of soda’s sugar content and high acidity levels as well. Dentists suggest avoiding sodas as much as possible, but if you still want to drink them, then you may want to use a straw. A straw will limit soda's contact with your teeth, posing less risk for erosion. If your tooth damage is already serious, a cheap dentist may be able to help restore structure with bonding or some other procedure. Whether the deterioration is major or minor, you may still want cheap dental coverage to get your teeth thoroughly cleaned by a dentist to help prevent further damage.

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

Cheap dental coverage could help with your regular checkups and cleanings at the dentist, and experts recommend reducing your soda intake. Whether you drink a soda a few times a year or several times a day, the damage could be permanent. Start taking care of your teeth today for a smile that lasts a lifetime.


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