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The Health Benefits of Tea

Tea has been a staple drink and incredibly popular in many places for thousands of years. The Chinese started the trend, the British are known for their ceremonial midday teatimes, and America, particularly in the South, drinks iced tea like it’s water. Different countries have their own ways of preparing it. Wikipedia says that tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world, aside from water.

How Is Tea Healthy for You?

Tea is more than just a social drink and soothing refreshment, though. The health benefits of tea go far beyond hydration!

Green and black teas are processed differently, but they are both made from the leaves of the same type of bush (commonly called a tea bush).

Both black and green teas are rich in antioxidants and are known to lower cholesterol, prevent cavities (due to the presence of fluorine) and are good for the heart, according to Teavana. In addition, green tea is thought to help prevent cancer, regulate blood sugar and aid digestion. It can also increase energy, due to small amounts of caffeine in both green and black teas.

Tea should never replace water, but in moderation, tea can be incredibly beneficial to the body as well as a guilt-free, enjoyable drink.

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