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Healthy Garlic

Most people seem to have a love-or-hate relationship with garlic. Still, those who claim to not like this ingredient may unknowingly enjoy its effects in moderate quantities within many recipes. Furthermore, many “garlic-haters” are unaware of garlic's positive effects on your body! Though garlic cannot be proven to ward off vampires or pesky creatures as the old wives' tales say, this ingredient does exhibit real healthy (and tasty) benefits.

Throughout history, garlic has served both culinary and medicinal purposes. Though commonly considered an herb, it is actually a member of the onion family. A key benefit of this ingredient is its strong, noticeable flavor.

Most individuals do not appreciate a large quantity of garlic flavor within any one recipe. When present in just the right amount, however, garlic grants a dish richer flavor, accentuating the other natural flavors of a particular food. Garlic was meant to be blended with other foods, not eaten plain – though believe it or not some people enjoy this! Once you become accustomed to garlic in minimal amounts, however, you may enjoy garlic in larger quantities – if this does not bother the people around you!

What Are the Benefits of Garlic?

Medicinally, many studies document garlic's helpful antibiotic, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. Recent studies prove garlic can help prevent heart diseases including atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Animal studies even indicate that garlic may help prevent cancer!

Garlic and Dental Health

One of garlic's greatest benefits is its healthy impact on your teeth. Garlic's antibiotic properties can work healthy wonders in your mouth, killing the bacteria lurking inside on your teeth. If you worry about plaque on your teeth, chew a few pieces of garlic – but do so in moderation.

If you already appreciate garlic-flavored food, the news of garlic's health benefits may tempt you to eat too much. Though it may not be “unhealthy” to consume a large quantity of garlic, your friends and co-workers will comment upon the pungent smell exiting your pores upon high consumption. If someone says you smell like garlic, then you have eaten too much! Still, feel free to enjoy tasty garlic in sensible amounts, because it is both good and good for you! Bon appetit!

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