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Sore Throat This Winter? Try a Home Remedy!

A sore throat, generally caused by inflammation and swelling of the throat lining, is a common side effect of winter. Many people deal with this soreness on and off throughout the winter months. Nobody wants to pay a doctor's fee every time they come down with a sore throat, but most people cannot continue their daily schedule effectively until it goes away! So what are helpful home remedies to cure this ailment that do not cost a fortune?

Sore-throat-sufferers first need something to soothe their throat pain so they can continue daily business or get some sleep. After the throat is soothed, you need to actually help heal inflames tissue.

How to Heal a Sore Throat

The most effective sore throat home remedies will consist of either drinking a soothing tonic (i.e. tea) or gargling a healing solution (i.e. saltwater). You will want to use a tonic or solution about 8 times a day until the tissue is healed.

Soothing Tonic

Most soothing tonics involve making a sort of “tea” with boiling water. People add many different ingredients to the boiling water, most commonly a mixture of soothing agents like lemon, honey, ginger, and chamomile that numbs the pain to help the throat feel less sore. Hot liquid also helps soothe a throat, so drink your tonic hot whenever possible! Many people add a bit of sugar to their teas, and although sugar does not add medicinal qualities, it can make your concoction taste a whole lot better!

Healing Solution

Sore-throat-sufferers often gargle a type of solution. Usually the key ingredient of any throat-healing agent is salt. A couple of tablespoons of salt in a cup of boiled water can go a long way to heal a sore throat! Your salt solution, however, will not be as tasty as the lemon and chamomile tea listed above. Do not swallow the saltwater, but gargle it as deep into your throat as you can. The salt solution may cause you to gag, but gagging is not bad at this point in time because it actually allows the solution to descend deeper into your throat.

Many people will also add a bit of sage or crushed garlic to their salt solution. Both sage and garlic possess medicinal qualities that will help to reduce the swelling and inflammation.

If you drink your soothing tonic and gargle a healing solution for a couple of days but your condition does not improve, you may have a more serious medical condition. If so, see your doctor to receive the proper treatment for your specific ailment.

Find a Dentist in Your Area

In the end, the best remedy for a sore throat is rest. When you are in throat pain, get some rest (the soothing tonic can greatly help with this part) and refrain from talking if possible. A good night of sleep, regardless of what else you do, is usually the best medicine.

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