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Three Steps to Healthy Eating

These days the phrase “healthy eating” rolls off the tongue quite frequently. However, many do not really know what true healthy eating means. Some think it means eating as many vegetables as possible; however canned vegetables have so many preservatives that the nutrients have mostly become void. Others are convinced that sweet potato pie has to be great for healthy eating simply because it has the word potato in it. There are even those who believe that the burger is very healthy simply because it has an item from every food group. Although I wish these ideas were all correct, living off of canned vegetables, sweet potato pie, and burgers could severely shorten your life. To help correct some of these common misconceptions we will discuss the true meaning of healthy eating.

How to Eat Healthy

When looking on nutrition labels to decide if something is truly healthy for eating, the first thing you may notice is the amount of calories per serving. This is important for healthy eating. There are many different places on the web than can actually calculate your daily caloric intake factoring in things such as your current weight, age and level of physical activity. It would be helpful for you to check out one of these sites just to have a general target to aim for when planning out your daily meals in an aim for healthy eating.

Another important common known nutrient is protein. Protein is a top priority for healhty eating. Your body loves this nutrient and actually needs a lot of it. Protein is actually referred to as a macronutrient because your body does not store it, therefore when your body is running low there is nowhere to draw this nutrient from. Healthy eating means you make sure that you intake plenty of protein into your diet on a daily basis. A normal amount of protein should be around .8g or protein per Kg of body weight per day. If you are undergoing severe stress or even if you workout regularly, this would raise your need to about 1 to 1.2 g of protein for ever Kg of body weight per day.

Now many believe that having any type of fat in your diet will void any other healthy eating, because surely fat in your food leads to fat on your “love-handles.” However fat is a vital part of your survival, especially omega polyunsaturated fats. They cannot be produced by your body but are needed for your body to operate. Saturated fats are the ones to avoid, they should add up to only 7% of your total daily calories. Fat is definitely a part of healthy eating. You just have to know which kinds you need.

Start the Adventure of Healthy Eating

So when embarking on an adventure of healthy eating, figure out how many calories you need, then aim at that target throughout the day, make sure to get an appropriate amount of protein according to your daily activity and stress levels, then be sure to get the right amount of fats as well as the right kinds. These are not the only pieces of your own personal health, of course it would be helpful to see a doctor as well as a dentist regularly, but these other ideas make a great start on your way to a healthy eating lifestyle.

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