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Now Through December 4, Your 1Dental Plan Purchase Can Forgive $100 of Medical Debt for Someone in Need
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Save 20-60% on dental work with a Careington dental plan

Unlimited use.

No deductibles or waiting periods

15 million members using these plans since 1979

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1Dental is a dental insurance alternative and not insurance itself. Members will pay a discounted rate when they go to an in-network dental office. You get high-quality dental care at 20% to 60% lower prices.

As heard on the Dave Ramsey show Better Business Bureau Take 30 Days To Decide

Delivering the best value and savings on the dental market

  • NO deductibles
  • Unlimited annual use
  • All dental conditions accepted
  • Activate your membership in less than 5 minutes
  • Start saving today
  • Vision plan included

Top quality dentists

  • Have passed a thorough background check
  • Have current state license in good standing
  • Have passed our 5-year work history evaluation

Millions of satisfied network members since 1979

"After comparing it to all of the other plans, I found I could save the most with Careington/1Dental. Coverage was immediate and my dentist was a member... What was going to cost me $3,100 wound up being $1,680, nearly cutting my cost in half"
-Dani Larrabee

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