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Florida Dental Plans

Florida is more than just a summer getaway. For Floridians, it’s considered home. As such, you must think of the routine tasks and responsibilities that come with it—going to work, feeding the family, taking care of your health. Dental health is an important aspect of that.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 61% of adults ages 18-64 in the entire United States visited the dentist in 2013, while 83% of children ages 2-17 visited the dentist that same year.

While those numbers might seem pretty good, 39% of adults and 17% of children are still foregoing proper dental care. We can safely assume this is due to lack of dental coverage, which is the most common reason for low dental visits.

Below are some Florida Dental Plans for you and your family.

Dental Plans in Florida

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Florida Discount Dental Plans

One of the most affordable options for covering the cost of dental care are discount dental plans. Although not as well-known as dental insurance, discount dental plans are becoming more popular and can be used in nearly every state—Florida included.

Discount dental plans are membership plans that grant you huge savings at in-network dentists. In Florida, 6,577 dentists accept discount dental plans (63% of actively practicing dentists in Florida), more than double the amount of dentists who accept HMO plans and a few thousand less than dentists who accept PPO plans.

How Do Discount Dental Plans Work in Florida?

Dentists who accept discount dental plans agree to a discounted rate for members of the plan. When those members go to the office, they only have to pay the discounted rate; there are no waiting periods, no reimbursements, just a discounted rate that significantly lowers out-of-pocket costs for patients.

To use 1Dental's Florida dental plans, simply follow the steps below:

  • Purchase a Discount Dental Plan that best meets you and your family’s dental care needs
  • Choose any in-network dentist near you
  • Show the dentist your member card or provide them the ID number to receive the pre-negotiated rates for each dental procedure. See your plan’s fee schedule for prices.
  • Save 15-60% on each dental procedure

The Cost of Dental Discount Plans in Florida

$99.00 per year
$149.00 per year
Best Value!

$179.00 per year
$20 non-refundable processing fee applied to initial payment

Discount Dental Plan Advantages

  • No Waiting Periods
  • Low Out-of-pocket Costs
  • Affordable Membership Fee
  • No Annual Maximums
  • Easy to Use

Dental Procedure Savings with
1Dental’s Florida Dental Plans

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Sample Procedures
Average1 Price Your Price with
Careington {{sched_fees.schedule}}2
You Save
{{f.desc|fee}} {{f.typicalfee}} {{f.fee500}} {{f.savings}}
(Adult or Children)
Up to $5000 (or more) Flat Discount 20% off
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1 Based on 80th percentile of the 2015 National Dental Advisory Service Comprehensive Fee Report.
2 Discounted Schedules are for General Dentists. All schedules vary based on location.

Florida Dental Plans May Be Covered by Your Employer

The Affordable Care Act has made dental coverage more costly for employees and companies alike, so many companies are dropping that benefit, particularly for their retirees.

In the table to the right, you can see group policy funding for dental coverage in Florida.

If your employer – or former employer, if you are retired – does not offer you dental benefits, there is no need to worry.

Group Policy Funding in Florida

Floridians Are Among the Least Insured
Population in America!

In 2013, it was recorded by the CDC that Florida had among the highest percentage of uninsured persons at 24.2 percent.

Based on that statistic, many Floridians are going without dental care or are emptying their wallets to pay completely out-of-pocket.

Because of this, you must understand the dental plan options to ensure you get proper dental care at an affordable price.

Whether you are without dental coverage or looking for a new plan, research your options and find what will add the most benefit to you and your family. Quality dental care does not have to cost a fortune. Discover more about 1Dental Florida dental plans today to see which one is right for you.